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Donna Brown
Donna Brown
01:32 22 Oct 19
He was fantastic - I call around 11 am and he was here by 6 pm. Solved our chipmunk problem and alerted us to a mouse nest we did not know we had. Highly recommended.
Doug Briske
Doug Briske
19:54 23 Jul 19
Fast affordable and quality service from a true professional who knows his trade well, our old farmhouse came with some pet bats my wife was none to thrilled about, Carl responded quickly, assessed the situation and gave a quote that evening, returned within 72 hours with a custom made ladder (made for our house) to safely navigate the steel, steep roof we have. Over the next night or 2 our bats left on their own to find a nearby dead oak tree to take up residence in. 10 out of 10 would reccomend!
MI Westside Creations
MI Westside Creations
03:05 26 Apr 19
Thankful for Carl's expertise and wisdom. I called him because I suspected bats in my attic but he took a look two different times and thank goodness, no bats. Do not hesitate to call Great lakes animal control ~ Rhonda Hansen
Kerry Coleman
Kerry Coleman
20:26 27 Feb 19
I had a critter in the attic over the garage. I was afraid the critter was going to rip out the electrical wiring or find a way to get into our living quarters. I called Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control. I spoke with Carl (owner) and told him what was going on. He said he would be over at 4:00pm. My first impression of him is that he is a super nice person. He said he was going to take a look around the house. Since I was just recovering from surgery and couldn't get to the mailbox, I asked if he would get my mail for me. He did. And the next two trips he made to my house, he stopped and got the mail. Anyway, on the first trip he told me that there was a grey squirrel in the attic. He said he would seal up all the places where an animal could get in and put out traps. He took pictures of problem areas. I was nervous because I really wanted the squirrel gone. The next morning I called Carl and told him there was no squirrel in the cage. He said, don't worry. That squirrel is coming out. A couple hours later, the squirrel was in the trap. Carl came and got the squirrel. He releases squirrels in North Muskegon. About an hour after Carl left, I heard another squirrel. That squirrel kept sticking his head in the trap but wouldn't go all the way in. I called Carl. He told me not to worry, the squirrel would eventually go into the trap. About 90 minutes later the squirrel was in the trap. I called Carl again to let him know and we set up a time for him to come get the squirrel. When Carl came back to get the squirrel he struck up a conversation with my father who has Alzheimer disease. Carl would return one more time to take down the cage and inspect the attic over the garage to make sure the squirrels had not caused any serious damage. Carl is a very cool guy. He was very nice to me and my dad and he did a great job. I would invite him to a cookout. That's about the best compliment I can give a person.
Ben Helsen
Ben Helsen
22:36 15 Dec 18
5 stars all across the board.Carl is awesome! He answered my call late Friday night talked me through issues with bats and other things that we thought we were dealing with came out the next day and verified and helped with the situation. He knows his stuff and is all about the people. Would highly recommend! Safe to say we will come to you with any issues we have now or in the future!
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