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Raccoons are one of the worst of all animals to have in your home due to their mischievous behavior. They can make a mess of your attic or crawl space in a big hurry! Raccoons typically have their young in April and will winter in attics and chimneys preparing for the birthing season, as well as just finding a warm place to stay. Raccoons have one litter per year which usually consists of four to six young. Raccoon kittens, as they are called, are born with their eyes closed and very little hair. Within three to four weeks they are making lots of noise and that’s when most people notice that they’re in their attic or walls. 

Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control is licensed, insured, and certified to help you with your raccoon problems. When you hire Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control, you’re hiring the area’s only animal nuisance control company that promises to take you from start to finish. We begin with the humane removal of the raccoons, and finish with full restoration (if needed) and prevention. We specialize in attic remediation and have the specialized equipment along with the required knowledge and experience to repair and clean your attic after raccoons have destroyed it.

We will also take care of exclusion, and make sure your friends won’t be back. Most raccoon entry points can be prevented such as soffit damage that goes unnoticed, chimneys that are not capped, and open crawl space areas. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control will repair the entry points and make sure that it will not happen again.

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Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control is fully licensed and insured and can work directly with your insurance company. We have experience working with many different insurance companies over the years and have a solid reputation with them.

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