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Dead Animal Removal

Animals often seek shelter under decks, crawl spaces and around houses when sick or injured. In the event that sick or injured animals are deceased in your yard or under your house or deck, it often produces a foul odor that is sometimes unbearable. Call Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control! We will remove and dispose of dead animals wherever they may be; inside or outside of your home.

Smell It But Can’t See It?

Often you’ll be able to smell something but you cannot see it due to the fact that it’s behind the wall or under something. No worries! Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control has thermal imaging cameras, along with other electronics to help locate the source of the smell.

Odor Neutralization and Disinfecting

Once the deceased animal has been removed, there is often a lingering odor. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control can treat the contaminated area with disinfectants and odor counteracting products to help eliminate any lingering odor.

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