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Don’t wait if you suspect that you may have pest issues. These situations rarely ever go away by themselves, in fact in most situations the issue only escalates. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control is West Michigans most trusted and relied upon wildlife service. Call Now to let us help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your service area?

Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control proudly services Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Ottawa, and Kent Counties.

Our service area covers all of West Michigan, including Muskegon, Holland, Grand Rapids, and White Cloud.

We will travel outside of our general service area for bat removal.

Does insurance cover animal damage cleanup?
Sometimes insurance companies will cover the cost of animal damage cleanup. We will assist you with a damage quote and work with your insurance company to do the best we can to get it covered. We have experience working with insurance adjusters and that, combined with a good reputation, often leads to getting your claim approved.
What do you do with the animals after you catch them?
All animals that Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control has in its possession are treated humanely and with respect. Our ultimate goal is to live release animals whenever possible. Please keep in mind that we are only able to do what the state of Michigan requires us to do.
Why did the animals pick to live in my house out of all the houses in the neighborhood?
Wild animals are very opportunistic. They roam around while you are sleeping, checking for places to obtain food and shelter. They’re constantly looking for soffit that’s missing, garage doors that are left open, and weak or rotted wood, etc. To lessen your chances of being a target of animal invasion, we suggest you don’t feed animals such as cats and dogs outside, and bird feeders should be kept to a minimum. In addition to that, general house maintenance is the best discouragement of unwanted guest’s.
Do you deal with dogs and cats?
We do not deal with domestic animals such as dogs and cats. We suggest you contact your local animal shelters and rescue organizations.
Our service area covers Muskegon, Ottawa, Oceana, Newaygo and Kent Counties



24/7 Emergency Service


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