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As the largest North American rodent, the American beaver can be found everywhere in the United States except the Florida peninsula and the desert Southwest. Beavers create their own habitat or alter habitats to meet their needs. They create ponds by building dams made of sticks, mud, and rocks across small streams. These ponds provide valuable aquatic habitats for many species and provide beavers with protection from predators. Once considered a valuable economic resource for their fur, Beaver are no longer trapped in significant numbers, which has resulted in a growing population throughout the nation’s watersheds. Today, large Beaver can weigh in excess of 50 pounds. While they do eat some crops and aquatic plants, beavers mainly eat the bark off of trees, with poplar trees being their favorite. While American Beaver can produce significant environmental benefits, they can also create safety hazards and cause significant damage. Beaver activity jeopardizes millions of dollars in transportation infrastructure and can also cause significant damage to timber resources.

Damage From Dam Building, Flooding, and Tree Cutting.

American Beaver are well known for their dam building skills. For the beaver, culverts under highways and roads can provide an engineering shortcut. Once the dams are built it poses a serious risk of flooding roads and highways. Beaver’s cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage every year through the flooding of roadways and valuable timber.

What can Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control do for you?

State fish and wildlife agencies regulate the legal harvest and control of beaver. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control has the experience and knowledge to humanely control Beaver population through trapping and removal. It is against the law in the state of Michigan to live trap and relocate beavers. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control is permitted to trap Beaver year around in most areas when causing damage to private property. Once the nuisance beavers have been removed, Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control can also remove the dams and allow water to regulate at a natural level. Call Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control today to get started on a Beaver control plan for your valuable property!

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