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Not all situations require remediation, but rest assured Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control can handle it if the need arises. It is important to properly clean up urine and feces that are often left behind after the animals are removed from your attic or crawl space. Both urine and feces contain dangerous bacteria. Raccoon droppings are host to a dangerous disease called leptospirosis. Bat guano contains a fungal spore called histoplasmosis, which can become airborne if the feces are disturbed. Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control removal process consist of the use of our commercial vac machine to remove feces and urine soaked insulation. Not all situations require a complete clean out, quite often it may just require a shop vac.

What can Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control do for you?

  1. Attic and crawl space remediation of urine and feces removal.
  2. Disinfecting and sanitation services.
  3. Re-insulating after the attic has been cleaned and disinfected.

No need to look any further as Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control has the experience, the knowledge, and specialized equipment to get your job done from start to finish!

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